Electric Brad Nail Guns From Staple Headquarters


Topping off a DIY floor installation project with a shoe and baseboard where the floor meets the wall requires a delicate touch and a thin, barely noticeable nail. Electric brad nail guns from Staple Headquarters are the best selection for the job.

Use brads to tack molding or upholstery in place without leaving a large, unsightly nail head. An electric brad gun will place the brad nail with just enough force so the fastener will stay put without damaging your trim.

Electric brad nail guns aren’t as powerful as electric finishing nail guns, which use larger nails to affix thicker molding or trim. But when you’re working with thinner or more delicate pieces, an electric nail gun for trim is the tool for the job. Find your choice of electric brad nail guns here at Staple Headquarters.

  • Professional electric staple & nail gun for upholstery etc. 22 Ga #7 staples and 18 Ga brads. For hard wood.
    $69.00 EA