Do You Need a Manual or Electric Book Stapler?


Do You Need a Manual or Electric Book Stapler?

It can be challenging to determine the best tools for each of your projects. This is especially true when what you’re working on is a bit more niche. And this dilemma is common for numerous types of projects.

Furthermore, finding the right tools for binding booklets and other types of printed materials can be especially difficult. This predicament is also common for various projects.

For these reasons, we’d like to share some of the key differences between electric and manual staplers--two of the most widespread tools people use for projects that involve binding books. So take a moment to read this detailed guide and learn about which tool might be best for your current projects.

What Kind of Work Will You Do?

When trying to determine the answer to the question, “Do you need a manual or electric book stapler?” you should consider what you plan to do. Perhaps you’re trying to restore first editions. Or maybe you need to crank out 100 pamphlets for an event.

Each of these tasks likely requires a different type of tool. So, before you delve into what sort of stapler you should use, it’s wise to think about the following things regarding your project:

  • Your materials
  • The size of your project
  • The amount of stapling you must do

When you consider these factors of your project, you can glean which tool will be of better use to you—a manual or an electric stapler? So take the time to consider these factors. Doing so will enable you to make a more informed decision about what kind of booklet stapler will be most helpful for your project.

What Is a Manual Stapler?

Knowing your materials and what kind of work your project entails is only half the battle. To understand whether you need a manual or electric book stapler, you’ll also need to know what each tool does. Let’s start with manual staplers. These are pretty much what they sound like. But they’re not quite the staplers you may be used to having on your desk.

Manual booklet staplers are heavy-duty tools used to insert staples into the binding of printed materials, such as books, pamphlets, magazines, and manuals. In some cases, manual staplers have flat stapling and saddle stapling functions that allow them to secure fabrics. And typically, these types of staplers are excellent for smaller projects around the home and office.

What Do People Use It For?

Manual booklet staplers are durable tools with a versatile range of uses. And anyone who’s trying to fasten booklets, manuals, and other types of thick, printed matter will find them helpful. That said, they’re typically most beneficial for projects that require a bit more control and precision.

For instance, if you need to crank out 50 pamphlets in under a couple of hours, a manual stapler wouldn’t be of much use. On the other hand, suppose you’re making handmade leather-bound journals for a few people. In this case, a manual booklet stapler would provide you with the control and precision you’d need to ensure that you secure each binding functionally and aesthetically.

What Is an Electric Stapler?

An automatic booklet stapler is another durable fastening tool. But unlike a manual stapler, this electric counterpart is a bit larger and moves much faster. So this tool is excellent for any job that requires repetitive stapling through thick documents.

It’s also worth noting that these are not the same electric staplers you would use for carpeting or insulation. Instead, these staplers have a specific design that allows them to insert staples adequately and efficiently into bindings.

They’re typically best when used for projects that require lots of stapling in a short amount of time. For instance, electric booklet staplers would be excellent for a local paper that needs to crank out hundreds of newsletters in a matter of hours.

What Do People Use It For?

Electric booklet staplers come in a wide variety of models, each with its own features that make completing projects much more straightforward. Additionally, they provide the power and strength you need to secure booklets properly.

They’re also automatic, so they work very quickly. Because of these characteristics, electric staplers are best for projects that require equal parts precision and speed. So they’re best for projects where quantity is the driving factor.

To illustrate, say you own a craft store that sells handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, and journals. Well, the thought of having to staple your products manually is probably pretty exhausting. But if you use an electric booklet stapler, you can finish creating your inventory without compromising quality.

Which Is Better for Your Project?

By now, you know that these staplers are excellent for securing booklets, pamphlets, magazines, and more. However, you should also know that both of these tools are more advantageous for certain projects than others.

So which would be best for your project? Well, to determine the answer to that question, you should go back to the first step discussed here. Assessed your materials, the size of your project, and the amount of stapling that you’ll do.

Then, review that assessment with the new information you have. You can use all this to decide which tool is truly better for your project. You’ll likely need a manual stapler if you’re restoring a first edition book. But if you’re trying to crank out 50 handmade wedding invites, you might get better results with an electric model.


Overall, both manual and electric booklet staples are fantastic tools for those who need to bind printed matter of any kind. That said, it’s worth learning how to discern the two, as they’re each beneficial in different ways. On the one hand, manual staplers can be great for projects that require slow, careful, and precise stapling.

On the other hand, electric staplers are excellent for doing lots of precise stapling in a short period for larger-scale projects. Hopefully, this detailed guide provided some new insight into the purpose and benefits of both of these incredible fastening tools.

Do You Need a Manual or Electric Book Stapler?