Considerations for Choosing a Stapler for Your Project


Considerations for Choosing a Stapler for Your Project

When choosing a stapler for a project, think about the materials you’ll fasten together, the scope of the job, and the environment of the project. Are you working at home or in the office? Inside or outside? Is your project a larger scale remodeling or home improvement project, or an everyday office task, such as binding reports or stapling a few pages together? Maybe you’re reupholstering your living room chairs. There are so many different types of staplers to choose from, so here are several considerations for choosing a stapler for your project.


Staplers come in manual, electric, and pneumatic versions.


The manual type is the kind that requires your own strength to operate. These are the common home desk and office staplers. Some heavier duty staplers that can handle thicker stacks of paper, or “long reach” staplers that can staple wider or longer sheets also come in manual versions.


Electric staplers handle frequent use and don’t require elbow grease to get the job done. You’ll also see these on desks and in offices as well, and some brands offer electric versions of heavy-duty staplers for construction and upholstery.


Pneumatic staplers use compressed air. They handle heavier duty use like upholstery and construction.

When evaluating considerations for choosing a stapler for your project, think about portability and proximity to a power source. Electric and some pneumatic staplers need a cord or hose. Other pneumatic staplers may operate with attached canisters or reservoirs of compressed air that can last quite a while before they require replenishment. There are different varieties of pneumatic upholstery staplers depending on the delicacy of the fabric or furniture involved.


How you will use the stapler, and what kind of project you’re working on, will define your choice of stapling tool. Staples come with a wide range of features. From light-duty desk staplers, manually operated to fasten a few sheets of paper together to heavy-duty construction staple and nail guns and hammer tackers used for roofing, flooring, and framing. Defining your project is key to choosing the right stapler, as well as the right staples. Outdoor use may dictate your choice of a stapler that can fire stainless steel staples that resist corrosion from wet conditions. Indoor uses may need fine-wire staples or staples with wider crowns and shorter “legs” that fasten the fabric to wood without causing tears and damage.


Professionals in construction and upholstery will want to invest a high-quality, durable fastening tools that get the job done and are portable enough to go from site to site. But if you’re using a stapler primarily to decorate a bulletin board or bind a few pages of paper together, a manual desk stapler with a smaller capacity of 50 to 100 staples will probably do the trick inexpensively.

Choosing the right stapler for your project can be a bit daunting with the variety of options available. Contact Staple Headquarters for help in selecting the stapler that’s right for you.