Colored Staples From Staple Headquarters


Staples are practical, effective fasteners to bind documents together. They help keep your paperwork organized. From company reports to homework assignments, ensure that everyone gets all the pages they’re supposed to receive, and that no pages flutter away or get reshuffled from a breeze or from accidentally dropping a stack of collated documents.

Colored staples feature all this practicality plus the benefit of color coding. Choose red staples for urgent matters. Blue staples could indicate a final document, while green staples might denote a work in progress that’s still growing. Black staples could mean a document that’s ready for your archives.

Or forget about filing and coding: just use colored staples for the fun of it! They’ll certainly draw attention and bring a smile to the faces of colleagues tasked with reading a long report or completing a multipage form.

Standard office staples (210 series) 1/4" leg length, colored. 1,000 staples per box. Kangaro brand, made in India.

Interchangeable with Rapid 26, 66. Can be used in Rapid 90EC, 100, 101, 105, 106 electric staplers equipped with #66 Stapling Heads. Will also fit Acme, Faber-Castell.