Bostitch Manual Staplers


  • Bostitch B8 light duty plier stapler for plastic, paper, canvas. It staples 2-45 sheets of 20 lb copy paper.
    $29.05 EA
  • Bostitch H30-6 hammer tacker for labeling, upholstery, corrugated to wood.
    $27.50 EA
  • Heavy Duty tagging, insulation, rug pads, roofing, displays, upholstery, canvas framing, applying corrugated to wood
    $27.50 EA
  • Bostitch P3-Ind plier stapler for dry cleaner, garment tagging, drugstore bag closure, price tag to garment, etc.
    $19.90 EA
  • Bostitch P6C-6 plier stapler for medium duty applications - corrugated, plastic, paper.
    $31.50 EA
  • Bosticth P6C-8 heavy duty plier stapler for corrugated, plastic, paper. Uses STCR5019/6 and /10 crown staples, 1/4 inch - 3/8 inch.
    $34.40 EA
  • Bostitch PC2K hammer tacker for roofing, carpeting, insulation.
    $62.55 EA
  • The only manual gun tacker that produces an outward-clinch for duct and general insulation, tagging applications.
    $49.20 EA
  • Medium-duty, general purpose Bostitch manual tacker.
    $28.05 EA
  • An outward-clinch manual gun tacker for heavier duct and general insulation, plastics joinery, tagging applications.
    $49.20 EA