Bostitch Flooring Stapler | Salco Staple Headquarters


Discover the professional-grade Bostitch flooring stapler, an indispensable tool for interior projects and construction professionals seeking precision and durability. The Bostitch hardwood stapler is engineered for high-speed, mallet-actuated pneumatic operation that dramatically increases productivity over manual stapling methods.

The innovative Bostitch hardwood floor staple gun has an extra-wide base composite plate, as well as a long-reach handle that improves comfort and control for daily tasks. The stapler kit offered by Salco includes other accessories, such as a graphite mallet and an optional short handle that makes every fastening job more efficient and easier to handle.

Invest in the unmatched reliability and performance of the Bostitch flooring stapler to enhance your professional toolkit.

  • Bostitch MIIIFS Flooring stapler for 3/4-inch solid hardwood floor installation.
    $510.00 EA