Booklet Staplers


Staple Headquarters provides a selection of booklet staplers for print shops, schools, and other organizations. When you need a manual saddle stapler or an automatic booklet stapler, we are the only retailer you should consider. As leaders in the stapling industry, we can ensure you get the right stapler for booklet and brochure binding, no matter what you’re working on.

Probably the most common book bindery task for small printers and quick copy operators is booklet binding. From just a few dozen booklets to production runs of 10,000+ pieces, the task is the same: fold and bind 3 or 4 sheets, and up to 20 sheets of 20 lbs. bond, perhaps with a cover stock of 80 lbs. that may be coated. Whether you require a manual saddle stapler, like the manual Bostitch stapler, or an automatic stapler for booklet binding, like the electric Salco R106E, we have many stapler models available—including long-reach staplers that staple in the "flat" position that work as booklet staplers.

Explore our collection of manual and automatic brochure staplers below, and feel free to contact us for specific recommendations if you need assistance choosing booklet stapler.
Bostitch Booklet Stapler           HD-23 long reach Stapler           R106E Electric Stapler                        Staplex Electric Stapler
Saddle Stapler, 20 sheets                     140 Sheets                   Flat/Saddle Stapling, 50 sheets           Long Reach, 40 sheets