Booklet Staplers & Makers

Probably the most common book bindery task for small printers and quick copy operators is booklet binding. From just a few dozen booklets to production runs of 10,000+ pieces, the task is the same: fold and bind 3 or 4 sheets, and up to 20 sheets of 20 lbs. bond, perhaps with a cover stock of 80 lbs. that may be coated. Two saddle staplers - manual Bostitch and electric Salco R106E available. Other models are long-reach staplers to staple in "flat" position.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for specific recommendations if you need assistance choosing booklet stapler.
Bostitch Booklet Stapler           HD-23 long reach Stapler           R106E Electric Stapler                        Staplex Electric Stapler
Saddle Stapler, 20 sheets                     140 Sheets                   Flat/Saddle Stapling, 50 sheets           Long Reach, 40 sheets