Beginner Tips for Laying Carpet in Your Home


Beginner Tips for Laying Carpet in Your Home

Home improvement projects can be extensive, especially when you want to change the carpet and install a new one. You must be adequately ready for the challenge when you decide to take on the tasks. Check out some beginner tips for laying carpet in your home here.

Clean the Floor

Before installing the carpeting and padding, remove any debris that might have worn away at the carpeting’s underside. Dirt contains mold spores. You’ll be surprised what moisture can cause to grow. And dirt is a magnet for moisture. When you clean the base of the floor, the carpeting can stay in good condition longer. This prevents fraying and reduces the opportunity for mold to grow.

Create a Gap and Leave the Old

Install any tack strips you have with a 1/4-inch gap between the wall and the strip. You need extra space to ensure that you’ve adequately tucked and secured it across your strips. So don’t install the tack strips against the wall. The gap between the strips and wall should be less than the carpeting thickness so that the tucked portion stays tightly wedged.

When replacing older carpets, you need to leave any tack strips in place since you’ll reuse them with the new carpet if you can. You can’t always reuse or save all of them. The carpet removal aspect of the process will tear some strips apart, and other strips will be moldy or rotten. That said, if they’re in great condition with the tacks sharp and the wood intact and unbent, you should keep them where they rest.

Choose Good Carpet Padding

You should use good carpet padding. Even low-quality carpeting will be far better if the padding under it is nice. You can judge your padding by density. Check to see if it has a 7 lb. density rating. Prime foam is the least expensive and usually comes out with a 6 lb. density. This is a key beginner tip for laying the carpet in your home. 

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