An Overview on How Pneumatic Nail Guns Work


An Overview on How Pneumatic Nail Guns Work

Any crafter or contractor will tell you that you’ll find various nail and staple guns on the market. This presents the question of which one is best for your current project. When it comes to many construction and woodworking projects, a pneumatic staple gun is the natural choice. Many may not initially see much difference between an upholstery nail gun and a pneumatic one, which may explain why they won’t initially invest in both. However, the reason we have so many different models available is because properly getting a job done necessitates variety. In today’s article, we focus on how pneumatic staplers work.

Air Pressure

Essentially, an air compressor inside the nail gun creates the power needed to drive the nail into the wood. Nails, often attached with glue, are loaded into the nail gun’s magazine. Directly beneath the magazine is a blade that provides the force that shoots the nails into the wood. When the air pressure is directed above the piston, the blade is forced down. The pressure then becomes focused beneath the piston, which causes it to shoot back up.

There’s no need to worry about the glue on the nails, as the friction created when the nail is driven into the wood causes the glue to melt away. The speed and ease of use provided by this gun make it an incredibly efficient choice for various woodworking projects.

Pneumatic Staple Guns

Many confuse pneumatic nail guns with pneumatic staple guns, but the two have a few key differences. While they largely work in the same way, you should utilize them for different projects. Nail guns are used for heavier duty projects, such as tables or shelves. For some materials, however, nail guns may be too abrasive, and they could cause the material to crack or splinter.

Staple guns are lightweight and gentler, so they require minimal physical strain. You would use these diverse tools for plywood or heavy-duty fabrics. Depending on the projects you work on, you can purchase pneumatic staple guns in different strengths.