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Upholstery is an art that requires both delicacy and strength. Staple guns for upholstery must be able to reach into narrow areas under and between furniture frames while affixing fasteners that will hold fabric tight. Staple Headquarters has the staple guns for upholstery you may need whether you are a novice or an experienced hand at recovering furniture.

Medium Crown Upholstery StaplersWide Crown Upholstery StaplersNarrow Crown Upholstery Staplers
This is the most popular size staple gun for general upholstery applications, including #7 series upholstery staples. Regular nose staplers have a snout that’s 7/8" or 1" long; Long nose staplers have a 2" long nose to reach into tight spaces, or for drapery work, etc.
These staple guns for upholstery use fine wire for boat and booth upholstery, carpet laying, or for valance and paint canvas frame covering. This type is best used for vinyl and loose weave fabric, like the types used for marine upholstery & motorcycle seats. #8 Series Upholstery staples.
Fasco air staple guns are for applications where you need to make staples invisible (and for fine fabric). #9 Series Upholstery Staples.  

- I want to begin to learn to upholster furniture - what type staple gun should I start with?

We can recommend to start with the Pneumatic F1B 50-16 or F1B 7C-16 staple guns. - Most common crown dimensions (1/2") & (3/8") and staples are commonly found in hardware stores - The F1B 50-16 (1/2" crown) gives you a slightly wider staple so that there is more surface area in which the staples "grabs" the material. An added advantage is the availability of stainless steel staples for marine or outdoor upholstery jobs.

We offer JacPac CO2 award-winning power system that uses refillable liquid CO2 cylinders. It provides all the power of a traditional air compressor but fits into the palm of your hand

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for specific recommendations if you need assistance choosing the upholstery stapler that is correct for your job.

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