About Salco, Inc.

Salco, Inc. was founded in 1947 as Fischer Staple and Supply, Inc., a regional dealer of industrial and commercial stapling and shipping room products. In the early 1940's its founder, Bob Fischer, began his career in the industry with one of America’s original manufacturers of stapling tools and staples, the Markwell Manufacturing Company. He laid the foundations for the modern Salco, establishing its hallmarks of innovation, product knowledge, and customer service.

From the beginning, we earned our reputation as a leader in the staple industry with such innovations as staple gun tackers specially engineered for the installation of telephone, TV, and electrical cabling, and unique divergent-leg staples that permitted the fire-proof installation of ceiling tile materials with pneumatic tackers – both firsts in the staple industry.

In the mid-1950’s the company initiated joint-ventures with major European manufacturers for the production and marketing of stapling tools and products new to the U.S. market. With a change of name from Fischer Staple and Supply Inc. to Salco, Inc., we grew to become a well-known North American distributor of the finest industrial and commercial heavy-duty stapling tools and products available. Names such as Isaberg-Rapid, AB, Romeo-Maestri, SpL, and Josef Kihlberg, AB were brought to the American market by Salco, and earned their reputations and brand loyalty by virtue of our unmatched customer support and after-sales service.

Still a family owned and operated business, Salco today sells its tools and fasteners world-wide. Through our web sites and internet marketing programs, backed by our modern warehouse operations and global shipping expertise, knowledgeable staff and technical resources, we have valued customers in such far-away regions as Eastern Europe, the Baltic, Africa, and the Middle East. All share with our thousands of North and Latin American customers an appreciation of Salco's 70+ years of product knowledge and unmatched customer service.

Salco, Inc. is truly “Staple Headquarters” ®

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5930 Fisher road, East Syracuse, NY 13057 USA