A List of Auto Upholstery Tools for Beginners


 A List of Auto Upholstery Tools for Beginners

Auto upholstery is an amazing hobby or idea for your new business. Getting into upholstery crafting can leave you busy for hours as you experiment with new materials and more complex projects. But what are the tools you need for the job? Check out our list of auto upholstery tools for beginners for more information on the right tools for the job.

A Sewing Machine

Best you saw this coming. Sewing machines are essential to any upholstery refurbishment shop. You shouldn't use a home sewing machine either, an industrial machine will do the job twice over, and it'll outlast a home machine due to its durability. There's no real comparison. If you're serious about this hobby or want to make it a business, an industrial sewing machine is a way to go to make your upholstery as long-lasting as possible.

Hog Ring Pliers

Hog ring pliers attach hog rings to the frame's seat. People also refer to them as bag closing staplers or hog ringers. Hog ring tools are common in the automotive industry for sealing seating.

A Mallet

People often use mallets during the staple removal process. If the person doing the upholstery removes a staple with a staple puller by itself, they can use a mallet to hit the end for extra force. Safety is always key, so move your hand ahead of time and lean away from the staple before use.


Heavy-duty shears carry extra weight on the blades. Their design reduces hand fatigue for the prospective upholsterer and also reduces cramping. This is important since you'll undoubtedly be using your shears for long periods, especially when you're just starting.

A Pneumatic Air Staple Gun

This staple gun is a serious workhorse. Typically, construction workers and professional upholstery shop workers looking for more heavy-duty equipment find it useful. It can staple webbing and fabric to a frame. This should be essential for beginners in almost any list of auto upholstery tools.

In short, this is just a smaller list of some essential tools to the arsenal of a prospective upholsterer looking to break into the business or a hobbyist looking to pick up a new craft. At Staple Headquarters, we pride ourselves on our lineup of upholstery tools. Learn more about the tools you need on our website today!