A Guide to Carton Stapling for Product Packaging


A Guide to Carton Stapling for Product Packaging

Carton stapling is exceedingly vital in any industrial or warehouse setting. It ensures that your boxes are secure. Since your boxes presumably contain important items, you must get the stapling process right. Luckily, we're here to help. Check out our guide to carton stapling for your product packaging below.

What's a Carton Stapler

A carton stapler is an automatic stapler you use to close your boxes. It's a mainstay in most warehouses and packaging assembly lines. You're likely to see at least one person carrying one around in those settings. It completely turns the process of box stapling on its head, making it easier and more efficient. Rather than manually taping the box, you can quickly and efficiently fasten it shut. This works for many boxes but works best with thicker materials. It also requires heavy-duty staples.

Types of Staplers

There are a few different types of carton staplers. The top stapler, or “carton closer,” is the most common. It fastens and secures carton lids quickly and efficiently by puncturing the staples through the corrugated material. 

Battery-driven staplers are much more modern. They have the technological benefits of a manual top stapler without limitations or drawbacks. When you have a battery top stapler, you get the efficiency of the pneumatic stapler with very few infrastructure costs. 

The top pneumatic stapler is perfect for higher volumes in workstations. It reduces operator fatigue and improves quality compared to manual staple toppers. You should note that it’s more expensive at the onset but well worth the investment.

How Do You Use It?

Now that you know what a carton stapler is, how do you use it? First, you select a depth setting. This will tell you how deep you can drive your staples. Generally, boxes that have thicker or tougher materials require a higher setting. After that, you adjust the screw tighter or looser to change the shape of the stapler from open to fully closed. You remove the staple pusher and load the magazine with a row of staples, reinsert the staple pusher, and lock it in place.

Finally, you place the staple on the box's surface, hold it steady and run it flush across the surface, stopping to staple as you go along. You press the stapler handle down as you slide it across the box. This is one of the best ways to carton staple your boxes for product packaging. 

In short, stapling your packaging isn't a difficult task. It just takes the right tools and some knowledge about how to use them. If you need some staple tools, head to Salco Staple Headquarters. We have everything you need!