Understanding What a Staple Clinch Is


Understanding What a Staple Clinch Is

Staplers do the job of fastening materials together. How they do that, though, can vary, depending on the tool, the materials, and the job. Understanding what a staple clinch is, along with knowing the different parts of a staple and distinct staple types and sizes, increases the odds of a secure hold and a successful project.

What’s a Staple Clinch?

A stapler drives the legs of the wire staple through paper, roofing felt, house wrap, insulation, and more. The “clinch” describes the way the tool bends the legs of the staple once it has penetrated the materials it is fastening.

Standard and Flat Clinch

Most people are familiar with the standard staple clinch seen when an ordinary office stapler binds a stack of paper together. The staple crown appears on the front of the document, and on the back, you can see the legs bent inward in a slight curve.

One frustrating thing about the standard clinch is that if you have a stack of stapled documents, the stapled side will sit higher than the open side, causing the stack to curve. Pile up too many stapled documents one on top of another, and the whole stack slides over, defeating the organizational purpose of stacking the documents in the first place.

Enter the “flat clinch” stapler. This tool bends the legs to lie perfectly flat against the back of the document. That makes stacking copies of documents much easier.

Outward Clinch

Some staplers bend the legs of a staple outward, to provide an especially strong hold. Fence staplers do this, as do outward clinch tackers for insulation. But did you know office staplers can also provide an outward clinch? The stapling plate on most office staplers is reversible. This “pin” or “temporary” staple setting bends the staple legs outward, so you can pull it out with your fingers without ripping or tearing the paper. It’s good for drafts, when you think you may rearrange the order of pages, or when you know the document will have to be taken apart.

Now that you understand what a staple clinch is, explore the wide variety of stapling and fastening tools Staple Headquarters can supply. From a staple nail gun to a fence stapler to hammer staplers for fastening roofing felt, you can find the tool and fasteners you need for your job.