Stainless Steel Staples

Salco offers a wide range of stainless steel staples. We also offer office Monel staples.
Typically, stainless steel staples are made of #304, or in special cases #316, stainless steel wire. They are corrosion-resistant for extended periods of time, but not completely rust-proof in all circumstances as there is a small percentage of iron in the steel wire alloy. Monel wire staples are indefinitely rust-proof as there is a high nickel content in the wire. They also are immune to galvanic action which can cause corrosion when stainless steel staples are in contact with other metals, such as screening.
We sell Fasco brand stainless steel staples made in Europe. Fasco is of one of the oldest and largest OEM staple manufacturers in the world. We unconditionally guarantee the quality of our stainless crown staples – at the best price online.
Applications include automotive, aviation, and marine upholstery; fencing & screening, bindery, bag sealing of all types, packaging, insulation, and virtually any application where rust or corrosion are a concern.
Stainless steel upholstery staples- practically any fine wire or medium wire staples can be used for upholstery applications depending on the material, and the material you staple to. The most popular sizes are staples 7-series, 80-series, and T50-type staples. The most popular staple leg lengths are 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". 
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