KHF Professional Tools & Staplers


Here at Staple Headquarters, we take pride in providing customers with a wide range of high-quality tools and fasteners. Our KHF tools are no exception, offering efficient and reliable performance for any job. KHF offers different tools for personal and professional use, such as the KHF hog ring plier tool that grips netting and insulation for tougher applications.

These KHF tools that we have available for purchase will get you out of your DIY rut. Try out the pneumatic or manual hog ring tool for tough work environments. These tools make fast work of securing materials with hog rings, greatly increasing efficiency in manufacturing and assembly. With our selection of KHF tools and other fasteners, you can count on Salco to provide the solutions you need for your business.

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KHF Hog Rings

  • The C1511 pneumatic hog ring gun takes 1-1/2-inch 11 gauge hog rings for very large bag closure. Similar to Bostitch SC50T.
    $2,375.00 EA
  • Manual hog ring plier by KHF for balling, burlapping, bag closing, construction, insulation, netting etc.
    $80.00 EA
  • Manual Hog ringer 9/16 for fencing, netting, bag closing, construction, insulation, upholstery
    $119.00 EA