Salco SC7E-15 pneumatic hog ring gun, extended nose. Uses 3/4" C-ring 15 Ga. Similar to SC7.



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Salco SC7E-15 pneumatic hog ring gun with 1-7/8"  extended long nose. Similar to Bostitch SC7 and Salco SC7-15 except nose length. For large bag closure, fencing, car/boat seat upholstery, bedding, etc. Uses RING15 3/4" OD C-ring 15 Ga. Closes to 5/16" - 27/64" ID.
The long nose is designed for applications where it is necessary to insert the ring into crevices, bolsters, or trenches of materials being fastened. Uses 15 Gauge rings, sharp or blunt tip. Stainless steel rings are available where corrosion resistance is desirable or required.

SC7E-15 Applications:

  • Large bag closure: concrete/powder, etc. bag liner closure
  • Fencing
  • Car and boat seats upholstery
  • Securing strands or light strings to cabling
  • Securing strain cabling
  • Mesh poultry, fruit, vegetable bags
  • Oil and fluid absorption socks
  • Securing netting in various applications
  • Standard C-ring tools for most seat applications
  • Heat and sound insulation (with sharp points and 15 gauge Stainless steel C rings)
  • Loop forming: rope, bungee, wire/netting
  • Bedding: Flange to spring


SC7E-15 Specifications:

Weight 2.8 lbs, 1.27 kilos
Hog ring load 125


Staples   RING 15100B, 15100P, 15G100B, 15G100P, 15100B, 15SS100B
Closure size i.d. min-max
5/16"-27/64", (7.9-10.7mm)

 H- Bungee cord end secured with a C-ring
 J- Cargo netting to rope connected with a C-ring

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