Staplex Long Reach electric stapler, up to 40 pages. Uses EBS staples.



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Staplex® S-700-1NHL electric long reach stapler.  Staple up to 40 sheets of 20-lb. paper. Adjustable depth to 9-1/4" (23.5 cm) with automatic contact or 10-1/4" (26cm) with optional foot switch (not included). Uses flat wire office staples, including the 210/6EBS (1/4") & LL (9/32") staples.  Stainless steel staples also available. 1 box of 210/6EBS staples (5,000) included with purchase.
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Staplex-700-1NHL Features:

  • Adjustable depth to 9-1/4" (23.5 cm) with automatic contact or 10-1/4" 926 cm) with optional foot switch
  • Staples automatically when work is inserted. Add optional foot switch for user-controlled staple location
  • Great for large sheets, display cards, calenders, unfolded booklets, etc.
  • Quick pop-out front loading magazine
  • All metal components and modular design
  • Power-backed to do full day work loads
  • Anti-jam staple loading rack

Staples for stapler S700-1NHL:

  • 210/6EBS staples- for 2-20 sheets 20-lb paper or equivalent
  • LL staples- for 16-40 sheets 20-lb paper or equivalent 
Weight  17.8 lbs (8.1 kg)
Dimensions  35/8"wide, 17-1/4"deep, 7-3/4"high (9.2cm x 43.8cm x 19.7cm)
NOTE: For center stapling of 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and 11" x 17" booklets, we recommend using optional No. 70N-107 Foot Switch and No. 70N-BS Adjustable Backstop Set if the work is stapled first and then folded. If work is folded first and then stapled, we recommend the Salco R106 stapler.


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