Salco Rapid 105E Gangster® kit with gang plank, 44 series staples.



Item Number: R105/44 GANG

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Made in Sweden
Salco 2 year extended warranty.  Salco is an Authorized Isaberg-Rapid factory warranty and service center 
Salco R105 44 Series Gangster® electric stapler. Gangster® kit includes 2 R105E staplers, 16" fiber optic cable, foot pedal, gang plank, 10,000 staples. Uses Rapid 44, 24 series staples, 1/4" - 5/16".
The Salco R105E Gangster® offers the same great features as the single R105E with the added convenience of simultaneous multiple unit stapling. The compact design of these tools allows the operator to staple as close as 2 1/2" from the center of each staple. The optional stand, adapter kit and table clamps enable the R105E Gangster® to be used as a complete work station. The Salco R105E Gangster® is an inexpensive alternative to multi-head industrial stitchers. 220V version staplers available.

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