Salco Rapid 105E electric stapler. Uses 44 heavy-duty staples.



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Electric Bindery Staplers / Salco Rapid R105

SALCO 2 year extended warranty.
Made in Sweden
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Salco R105/44 series electric stapler, a new and improved version of the original Rapid 100E. Staples up to 45 pages. The 44 series uses a thicker staple than the standard 66 series R105E. It allow the use of heavier 24G staples. The 44 head is a direct interchange for the 66/6-8 head presently in your stapler.

The 44 series unit's staple is thicker ; a staple designed for header cards, card stock, corrugated cardboard, blister packaging and clamshell packaging. As always, we suggest you send in a sample of your specialty application before placing an order so we may recommend the correct stapler for your application.

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