Fasco Maestri DF-33 electric staple gun 5/16" crown



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Made in Italy

Maestri DF-33 5/16", 23 GA narrow crown professional electric tacker for carpeting, flooring and subflooring. 12 foot power cord. Uses 33 series staples (5/16" - 5/8") - Fasco ED-33, Duofast 33, Spotnails 33.
Professional electric stapler with high resistance body in reinforced fiberglass. Safe interlocking trigger to avoid accidental firing. Maximum power and high speed fastening. Great for Professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers.

Pro Tip! While holding the stapler flush with one hand (trigger hand) to the wood you are stapling into, place the palm of your other hand firmly on the top of the stapler and press it to the work surface. The purpose of this is to eliminate recoil when the stapler fires. If the stapler is allowed to recoil, the force that would otherwise be directed to sinking the staple into the wood is wasted.

Maestri DF-33 Features:

  • Industrial grade
  • Lightweight for ease use
  • Compact for tight corners and stair work
  • Nose penetrates well through carpet nap
  • Safety on trigger


  • Flooring & Subflooring
  • Decorative works, furniture repair. Furniture trim and molding

Maestri DF-33 Specifications:

  • Weight  2.75 lbs.
  • Length  8-1/16"
  • Height  7-5/16"
  • Width  2"
  • 12 foot power cord (3.65m)
  • Trigger  Full hand type
  • Feed Type  Rear load with built in pusher
  • Electrical Rating  10 Amps 120 V, 60 Hz single phase, grounded
  • Driving speed  max 3 pcs./sec (Instant speed)
  • Drive Rate  Max 20 pcs./min (Average working frequency)
  • Safe interlocking trigger to help prevent unintentional stapling
  • Removable Front Plate for unjamming without tools


Duo-Fast 33 series staples 5/16" to 5/8" staple length

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