3/4-inch D-rings, 15 Ga, Sharp, Galvanized. 10,000/box. KHF Brand.



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Bostitch RINGSR15 type hog rings by KHF. D-type, 3/4-inch, Sharp point. 15 Gauge. 10,000 hog rings per carton. Made in USA.
Finish: Galvanized.
Open Size: 3/4"
Closure size: 1/4" to 3/8"  (6.4mm to 9.6mm)
Fit Tools
Bostitch TR201, TR203, TR315, CL22;
KHF G22 hog ring tools.
Applications:  Bedding, Seating, Upholstery, Fencing, Bungee Cords, Silt Fence, Bag Closure, Cages, Flange to inner spring (TR203).