JK F53 foot operated side & tray carton stapler, 1/2" crown



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Made in Sweden 

The F53 Side Arm staplers are designed for stapling lids, trays, and sides of cartons. The anvil arm is positioned horizontally rather than vertically as with a box bottom stapler to allow the corner stapling of corrugated lids, trays, flaps, corners and edges. It is also well-suited for other industrial staples of different materials such as textiles, leather, etc. Compared to JK560 and JK561 staples, stapling will be less visible with JK53 staples 1/2-inch crown.

All pneumatic corrugated bottom and tray/lid staplers are supplied with a plexiglas operator safety shield.Service replacement stapling heads are available for all our bottom and tray/lid carton staplers. Call for pricing.

JK F53PN Air operated tray stapler available.

Tray stapler foot operated. JK Brand

JK F53 Specifications:

    Length: 920 mm | 36.2 in
    Width: 750 mm | 29.5 in
    Height: 1350 mm | 53.1 in
    Weight: 40 kg | 88.2 lbs
    Stapling gap: 60 mm | 2.4 in
    Throat depth: 400 mm | 15.7 in
    Free anvil height: 860 mm | 33.9 in
    Magazine capacity: 312 Fasteners
    Staple leg length: 9 - 15 mm | 3/8 - 5/8 in

JK F53 Parts (pdf)
 JK F53 Manual (pdf)

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