Fasco F44AC G-50 TL staple gun, 7/16-inch crown 16 Ga. Uses Senco N staples



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Fasco F44AC G-50TL pneumatic staple gun. It replaces Fasco F44C G-50 TL. Uses Senco N  7/16" crown 16 gauge staples, 1" - 2" leg length. Staples are similar to Hitachi N5008AA, N5008AC, Atro 100, BeA 16, Prebena L, Haubold KG700, Porter Cable MS200, Max TA551, Fasco R4P G-50 CT, CLR3C G-40CT, Bostitch 16S5. Stainless steel staples available.
For roofing, interior of houses, light pallets and other heavy duty applications.


F44AC G-50 TL Features:

Rubber cushioned grid; reduction of vibrations and fatigue
Limited recoil and accurate balance
Tool-less jam clearing mechanism provides easy access to nose if staple jams
Multi-directional exhaust adjusts without tools
Depth control dial by rotating a wheel - precise countersinking
Includes a switchable trigger with sequential fire and bump fire
Solid and durable design for the most demanding jobs
Pneuamatic CO2 Regulator Kit power system available for in-home and on-site jobs.

F44AC G-50 TL Applications

Plywood sheathing
Decking materials
Furniture frames
Window and door units
Interior of houses (tub platforms, shower seats, fireplace surrounds, arches, etc.)
Boxes, Crates
Cable reels, Light pallets
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