Salco F35-A foot operated side & tray carton stapler, 1-3/8" crown



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Salco F35-A manual side carton stapler. For stapling lids, trays, and sides of cartons. Wear parts made of tempered steel.
Uses A58, A34, A78 staples, 1-3/8" crown, 5/8" - 7/8" leg length. Uses A Type staples - recommended for any package above 90 lbs. Staple is wider so that it holds more material which will support heavier package. All wear parts made of steel.
For stapling larger quantities of boxes, we recommend the use of Model F35-A PN pneumatic box stapler.
Replacement stapling heads are available for all our tray/lid carton staplers. Please call for pricing.

F35-A Specifications:

Length   36.2"
Width  29.5"
Height   53.15"
Throat Depth   15.75"
Free Anvil Height w/treadle  33.86"
Weight   86 lbs.
Magazine Capacity  300 Staples


A Type (1-3/8" crown)- recommended for packaging applications where carton content weight is above 90 lbs. The staple has a wider crown for increased mechanical grip to support heavier tray/lid content weights.

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