Fasco F23 A64-35PB 23 ga pinner/bradder. ES23 headless pins/brads



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Fasco F23 A64-35PB micro pinner & bradder. Bradder/pinner for 23 gauge pins and brads from 12 to 35 mm.
FASCO answers the call for professional grade combination pinners/bradders with an excellent choice of two distinct models for today's woodwork public. The F23 A64-35PB takes ES2312 - ES2335 23 gauge headless micro pins and ultra fine brads, 1/2" - 1 3/8". We also offer a slightly taller twin F23 A64-50PB, which accepts 1/2" - 2" pins/brads, and provides an extra margin of power to boot.

Applications: upholstery, decorative trimming, sheathing, picture frames, interior finishing, decorative trimming, window and door production - where no visibility of the pin is desired

Micro pinners & bradders are commonly used to hold glued materials in place, removing the entire production step of clamping. Overlays and decorative moldings are additional examples for the use of today's favorite 23 gauge ultra-fine Brads and headless Micro Pins.

Fasco F23 A64-35PB Features:

  • No mark tip
  • Can't see pins - but the same holding strength as 16 GA pins
  • Light weight but powerful
  • Auto adjustable pusher for different fastener length
  • Lock-out to prevent dry firing
  • Removable no mar tip + extra rubber tip stored
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip
  • Steel driver blade: engineered for longer life
  • Rear exhaust with muffler

F23 A64-35PB Specifications:

Weight -  2.2 lbs.
Length - 7 1/2"
Height -  8 1/2"
Pin/Brad Length - 1/2" - 1-3/8"
Capacity - 120 pins/brads
Air pressure - 60-100 psi

23 Ga Brads and Pins for Fasco A64-35PB:

Brad head 0.035"; pin is headless. Wire 0.024". Length - up to 1-3/8".
The tool will drive slight head brads and headless micro pins and the hole left with headless pin or slight head brad is basically the same as tool driver sinking fastener actually makes the mark in trim piece. In addition, in my testing, the slight head brad does offer additional holding strength over the headless pin but some still like using a headless pin in shorter sizes.

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