Salco F-18 manual picture frame nailer. Uses 11/16" brads.



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Salco F-18 manually operated picture and art frame nailer / tacker. Used for "easel-back" framing. All metal construction. Uses F-18 brads, 11/16" 18 gauge.

F-18 Features:

  • All metal construction
  • Adjustable power device - Low pressure level action available
  • Stabilizers assure correct angle and depth of penetration
  • Uses 11/16" (18mm) brads
  • Jam resistant
  • Front Loading


  • Frame tacker for frame shops
  • Fitting
  • Canvas
  • Easels
  • Poster hanger mounts
  • Needle work etc.

F18 Specifications:

Weight  1.6 lbs
Length  6"
Height  5-1/16"
Width  11/16"
Capacity  50 brads

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