BA-3522 pneumatic top carton stapler. Uses A34 and A78 staples



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Salco BA-3522 air-operated top carton stapler. The pneumatic BA3522 stapler has been completely re-designed for greater durability and ease of operation. This new and improved top carton stapler also comes at a new lower price. Perfect for moderate to high volume carton closing. Uses A type staples 1-3/8" crown A34 and A78 staples, leg lengths 3/4" and 7/8".
This air-operated stapler is designed for higher volume production where speed and ease of use at an economical price is a primary requirement. The Intended use is for securing the top flaps of corrugated boxes after filling.
For securing the bottom flaps of corrugated boxes when building from the knock-down state please see our bottom carton staplers.

BA3522 Features:

  • Adjustable clinch control
  • Full depth penetration control
  • Easy adjustment for leg length staples
  • New, more robust construction
  • Economical use of compressed air
  • Light weight for operator ease and resistance to fatigue

Light, compact, and inexpensive, the Salco BA3522 top carton stapler is perfect for moderate to high volume usage where low cost and speedy efficiency is the primary concern.

Salco BA Specifications:

Weight  4-3/4lbs.
Length  12-3/4"
Height  8-1/2"
Width  4-1/2"
Staple load  100

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