Rapid 5050 electric cartridge stapler, extremely quiet



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Made in Sweden
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Rapid 5050e electric stapler, extremely quiet.  Flat clinch. Staples up to 50 sheets. 220V available. Uses 50505M staple cartridges, 5/16". Packaged with 5,000-staple cartridge. 
Salco is an Authorized Isaberg-Rapid factory warranty and service center.

Rapid 5050-e Features:

  • Extremely quiet operation and low vibration
  • Stapling performance - Up to 50 sheets of paper
  • Low life-cycle cost- stapler's worn parts are automatically replaced with every fresh cartridge
  • Flexible- Adjustable stapling depth (Up to 2" /50mm). Same type of staple regardless of number of sheets
  • Electric staple reload indicator light shows well before staples run out
  • Voltage- 110V or 220V available
Electric stapler cartridge (5,000 staples) simplifies reloading. Stapler's wear parts replaced with each fresh cartridge. Precision stapling due to flat clinch (flat, neat corners).

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