How Carton Closing Staplers Work


How Carton Closing Staplers Work

One of the best tools for any warehouse or shipping department is a carton stapler. Knowing how carton closing staplers work will help raise workplace efficiency and keep the process of sealing and sending packages moving smoothly without any hiccups. There are a wide variety of industrial staple guns to choose from, so you may need to familiarize yourself with some of the more basic types.

Carton Top Stapler

This is arguably the most common type of carton stapler you will find. The top stapler is used to apply sealing staples along the top of the packaging, clinching the two sides together to keep them from opening. The top stapler needs compressed air to force a staple to puncture the carboard; without that air, the stapler cannot work.

Loading the Stapler

The feeder for the stapler has a pusher that forces staples into position. Once the tripper is pulled, a staple is pushed into the box, and the pusher forces the clip of staplers towards the top. You can pull the pusher all the way back and lock it in its open state to load in more staples.

Other Top Stapler Models

Coil Stapler

A popular variant of the traditional carton top stapler is the coil stapler. This alternative functions in much the same way, but the clip of nails comes in a wrapped-up coil instead of a straight line. The benefit of this variation is that you can have more staples loaded up into the staple gun without taking up more space due to the coiled design. This design also utilizes compressed air to force staples into the cardboard.

Hand Operated

This model is the same design as the traditional carton top stapler, but instead of a trigger pull, you must push down on a lever to release a staple. This method does not need to use compressed air for a staple to pierce cardboard since the strength from the hand operation is enough to get the staple through. While this method doesn’t need air, it does take longer to properly set each staple and is more physically demanding on the user.

Which Is Best for Your Needs?

Now that you’re equipped with knowing how carton staplers work and the different common variants, you can implement the ones best suited for the needs of your operation. It’s up to you to determine which best fits the demands of the daily tasks and which is most convenient for productivity and ease of use.