Fasco Staple Guns

FASCO was founded in Bologna, Italy more than 45 years ago. During this time, the company has developed from a small tool manufacturer into one of the market leaders in the field of pneumatic tools for collated fasteners. Fasco staple guns are known around the world as high-quality tools.
With all this concentrated know-how, Fasco staple guns and tools are specially designed to withstand the challenges of the everyday working world. From delicate jobs, like installing molding with headless pins or fine brads, to construction work, like adding plywood sheathing or installing a subfloor, Fasco has the tool for the job. Complete work quickly and accurately with Fasco tools and accessories.  
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  • Fine Wire Staplers

    Comfortable, light weight and manoeuvrable, these tools are Fasco’s smallest staplers with long lasting components. For fasteners with leg lengths from 4 to 25 mm.
  • Medium Duty Stapler

    Your job deserves fast, comfortable, light and durable professional tools. Fasco’s medium series staplers are the tools to use, when your need is for fasteners with lengths from 12 to 40 mm.
  • Heavy Duty Staplers

    Powerful heavy duty Fasco staplers combine speed and high durability in every type of climate. 16 GA, 1-2-inch staple length.
  • Carton Staplers

    Fasco plier stapler for carton packaging. Uses 1/2" crown 20 gauge staples, 5/16" - 9/16". The lightest, most compact and yet strongest plier tools in the industry
  • Electric Staple Guns

    Fasco Maestri electric staple guns for upholstery, carpeting, wood applications.For #7, #8, T50, DuoFast 33, 34, 50, 54 staples.
  • Fence Staplers

    Fasco pneumatic staplers for for fencing applications, such as livestock batten fencing, electrified single wire etc. Uses 10-1/2 GA fence staples.
  • Pinners

    Fasco high quality pinners provide the widest choice of solutions, when you need to fasten firmly but delicately with nearly invisible 23 GA headless micro pins and ultra fine brads
  • Strip Nailers & Scrailers