Josef Kihlberg & Fasco Duo-Fast Staples


Salco offers a wide range of Duo-Fast interchange staples. We sell Fasco and Spotnails brand staples - two of the oldest and largest OEM staple manufacturers in the world.  Our large selection features duo-fast staples for any series of duo-fast staple guns, including various sizes to choose from for every need. We design our staples for a wide range of applications, and they are available in galvanized and stainless steel. Staple Headquarters is your one-stop shop for duo-fast tools and accessories. Here, you can find everything you need to start and successfully complete your project. Our staples for duo-fast staple guns are made in Europe using the highest quality and most durable materials.

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  • Duo Fast 1500 Staples

    Duo-Fast 15 staples, 7/16-inch crown 15 Ga hardwood flooring staples. For use in Duo-Fast MS-1580D
  • Duo Fast 3000 Staples

    Duo Fast 30 series staples 1/2-inch Crown, 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Bea 72, Atro 64, Empire #6, Haubold 1800, Prebena AB.
  • Duo-Fast 1100 Staples

    Duo-Fast 11 series staples, 1/2-inch crown 19 gauge. Interchangeable with JK 779 staples
  • Duo-Fast 1700 Staples

    Duo-Fast 1700 staples, 1-inch crown 16 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast RS-1748, KW-1748, SW-1748, RNS-1748I
  • Duo-Fast 1800 Staples

    Duo-Fast 1800 staples, 1/4-inch crown 18 Ga. For use in SS1848F/1832/1848/1848SL, KN1848A, KB1836, BN1832, DNS-1840
  • Duo-Fast 3100 Staples

    Duo-Fast 31 staples, 3/8-inch crown 22 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast EIC-3118, TI-3118, SS 3118, SS3118 DLAF
  • Duo-Fast 3400 Staples

    Duo-Fast 34 staples 3/16-inch crown 23 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast SureShot-3424
  • Duo-Fast 5000 Staples

    Duo-Fast 50 staples 1/2-inch crown 20 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast CS-5000, DWS-5020, EWC-5018A, HT-550, SURESHOT 5020, SS5020, SS5020S, SS 5020 DLAF, CT-859.
  • Duo-Fast 5400 Staples

    Duo-Fast 54 staples 3/16-inch crown 20 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast DNS-5424, ENC-5418A, BN-5424, SShot 5424.
  • Duo-Fast 6400 Staples

    Duo-Fast 64 staples 3/16-inch crown 19 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast SS6432.
  • Duo-Fast 6500 Staples

    Duo-Fast 65 / 66 staples 1/2-inch crown 19 Ga, interchangeable with JK777 staples. For use in Duo-Fast DWS-6532.
  • Duo-Fast 7500 Staples

    Duo-Fast 75 staples 15/32-inch crown 19 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast HT-755.
  • Duo-Fast 7600 Staples

    Duo-Fast 7600 staples 7/16-inch crown 16 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast KS-7648, MS7664E, DS-7656P, DS7664P, SM-7648, SM-7664.
  • Duo-Fast A11 Staples

    Duo-Fast A11 staples 7/16-inch crown 20 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast Slapshot.
  • Duo-Fast DF15 Staples

    Duo-Fast DF15 series staples, 1/2-inch crown 15 Ga. For use in Duo Fast FloorMaster 200-S
  • Duo-Fast W1800 Staples

    Duo-Fast W18 staples 3/8-inch crown 18 Ga. For use in Duo-Fast DMS-W1832, SS W1848.