Carton Closing Staples From Staple Headquarters

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The C type of carton closing staples uses 1-1/4" crown width staples, while the A type uses 1-3/8" crown staples. The C type is the most popular in North America; Europe and South America tend to prefer the A type. We carry both, in manual and pneumatic versions. We also have bottomers in C and A versions for building the corrugated box from a knocked-down state.


The carton staple types that are most often used for lid and bottom closing are 561/C type and 53/F type, respectively.

The JK 561 (C-type) wide crown carton staple is used in both bottom and top staplers. The 22 mm is intended for 3-layer corrugated fibre board.

The 53 (F-type) narrow crown staple, made of broad flat wire, is used for stapling both corrugated and corrugated fibre board. The 6 mm leg length is suitable for materials as fine-grained and solid board. The 9 mm length is best for normal single-layer, and the 12 or 15 mm for double-layer boards.
For stapling with pliers, use types 777, 779, or 590 are used. All these carton closing staple types are available with differing leg lengths to ensure that they are perfectly suited to the board thickness employed.
The JK 590 carton closing staple is a thick wire staple for demanding material such as edge protectors.
The 777 is a "wide ribbon" wire staple for corrugated boards, container lids, and similar applications.
The 779 carton closing staple is intended for solid card, bags etc.

How to staple a box lid and bottom

The illustration below shows how to staple the bottom with 53/F type and the top with 561/C type carton staples.
The number of carton closing staples required in each case depends on several factors such as the board quality, contents, staple type, etc.