Bostitch Standard & Heavy-Duty Office Staples

If you're looking for high-quality Bostitch office staples, look no further than Salco Inc. As a leading provider of staplers, tools, parts, and fasteners, Salco provides the most reliable products on the market. In particular, Bostitch standard staples are a popular choice for both everyday use and heavy-duty jobs. These staples are made with high carbon steel wire to ensure maximum strength and durability. For even tougher jobs, Bostitch heavy-duty staples are designed to handle thicker materials with ease. And if you're in need of SB35 staples, Salco has you covered as well. With an extensive selection of staples, Salco is the go-to destination for businesses of all sizes. So why wait? Shop Salco today for your most dire office needs—staples from Bostitch.

See Also:

  • Bostitch SB35 staples

    Heavy Duty Staples 23 series staples. Interchangeable with Swingline s.f.13, Rapid 23, Kangaro 23 staples.
  • Bostitch STCR2115

    Bostitch B8 staples. Fit all Stanley Bostitch B8 plier staplers, B8e office electric staplers.
  • SP19 1/4 staples

    SP19 1/4 Bostitch type fine wire staples, 3/8-inch crown. Salco brand. Fits Bostitch P3-IND pliers.