Ace 700 Staples



# 70001 (No 700) ACE Undulated Clipper Staples. 5,000 staples / box. Galvanized. ACE brand. Similar to Swingline SWI-58017.
Fit tools:
Ace #702 (same as #700), Salco P700, Ace Scout #202, Bates 282P, Swingline 199PL
These staples are ideal for floral, dry cleaning, packaging and general office uses - in any application where the staples need to be easily removed without damaging material.
There are a number of companies that make the 70001 [undulated] staple.  Our 70001 staples are made in Korea by Peace Industries, which is the parent company to Ace-Spotnails here in the U.S. They will run perfectly in your Ace Clipper plier stapler so long as the stapler itself is in good condition. Other manufacturers make and market under various private labels or generic interchange brands.  The quality can be suspect for that reason.

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