5 Upholstery Tips for DIY Beginners

5 Upholstery Tips for DIY Beginners

Upholstery is a fun and gratifying way to repurpose something old and make it beautiful again. But before you delve into this exciting hobby, take some time to review these five upholstery tips for DIY beginners so that you can get started on your first projects with confidence.

Select Items With Good Bones

When you embark on your first couple of upholstery projects, it’s wise to check that “the bones” of your selections are solid and sturdy. Don’t pay too much attention to the more prominent features of the furniture you’re browsing, such as chipped paint, color, and exterior designs like molding or trim. Instead, examine the quality and sturdiness of a piece’s structure and build. When the bones of your components are strong, it ensures the longevity of your final product.

Choose Your Fabrics Discerningly

Something else to make a note of is the quality of fabric you’re choosing for your upholstery projects. Fabric is a part of the selection process you won’t want to cheap out on, if possible. Most times, when you’re upholstering, you’re working with furniture. So naturally, you need to make sure the fabric you use on your pieces is thick and durable enough to withstand considerable wear and tear from years of use.

Start With Smaller, Cheaper Projects First

When you’re still a beginner, it’s worth remembering that starting with small, cheaper projects is your best bet. When you invest in smaller, more budget-friendly pieces first, it allows you to experiment with your process and make mistakes without the anxiety that you’ll lose out on your investment. Also, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you’re ready to move on to larger, more extensive projects.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Of course, upholstery is a hobby that requires a set of specific tools to get the job done. So, it’s essential to have a basic knowledge of what those tools are. For the best results on every project, you’ll need to have an upholstery staple gun and staples, a sharp pair of scissors, a hot glue gun for trims, a compressor, and a sewing machine that can withstand thick fabrics and layers.

Always Work Fabric From the Center Out

Another helpful tip is remembering to work your fabric from the center out when placing it over your pieces. More specifically, when you’re preparing to position and staple your new fabric down, you want to smooth the fabric as you go. So always start smoothing at the center of the piece and work your way outward as you secure it to your piece. This simple yet effective tip will help you avoid unwanted crinkles, bubbles, or bumps that are hard to combat when you’re first starting.

Hopefully, having these five upholstery tips for DIY beginners up your sleeve will inspire you to dive headfirst into this exciting hobby with the knowledge and confidence you need to create beautiful projects.