5 Quick Tips To Hang String Lights Outdoors


5 Quick Tips To Hang String Lights Outdoors

String lights can make any outdoor area pop. But with so many different ways to use them, you may find it hard to land on the method that’s best for you. The good news is that we’ve compiled five quick tips to hang string lights outdoors to give you a little inspiration.

Drape Lights Over Fencing

One way to use string lights in your favorite outdoor areas is by hanging them from your fences. This method is easy, cost-effective, and sure to create a beautiful border around your yard. You’ll want to mark increments where you plan to hang the lights from the fence and use a durable tool like a picture frame nailer to fasten them into place. Be careful not to nail through the actual light wire. Instead, nail the fence first and use the gaps in the coated wiring to string the lights.

Wrap Lights Around Trees & Shrubs

Another creative method for using string lights in your yard is to wrap them around trees or drape them over shrubs. If you happen to have larger trees, you’ll need to buy enough lights to wrap around the entire trunk, and you’ll probably need to fasten them with nails. If you’d rather not go that route, draping light over your shrubs is also an excellent way to add a little flair to your yard. This method is super easy, as you can buy netted string lights that will fit perfectly over your favorite bushes.

Light Pathways

You can also use string lights to border the pathways in your favorite outdoor spaces. This method requires structures, such as tiki torches or ground posts, to secure the lights out of the way. Stick these structures at even increments down your pathway, and wrap your lights around them to give your walkways an inviting appeal. Additionally, this creative technique will provide a little extra light, making your yard easier to navigate in the dark.

Border the Bottom of Your Deck

If you happen to have a raised deck that you’re just itching to decorate, string lights are a great option! You can use string lights on your deck in several ways, but if you ask us, the best method is to hang them from the bottom border. Use nails or duct tape to secure the lights around your deck. Either way, dressing up your deck with string lights will give your entire yard a warm, decorative splash.

Spruce up Your Porch  

You can also use string lights to create a dynamic centerpiece for your porch. Specifically, you can designate an entire wall for a gorgeous light arrangement. Use string lights to embellish any decor you already have on your patio, or make a display of your own by clustering string lights in groups and weaving faux ivy through them. Whichever route you choose, string lights are sure to give your porch a quaint garden feel that ties your entire yard together.

However you choose to dress up your outdoor spaces, we hope you’ll consider our five quick tips for hanging string lights once you’re ready to get started.