5 Easy Wood Craft Ideas For DIY Enthusiasts


5 Easy Wood Craft Ideas For DIY Enthusiasts

Working with wood is a rewarding and worthwhile hobby. So check out these five easy wood craft ideas for DIY enthusiasts and start creating fantastic work for yourself!

Stylish End Table

All you need for this project is a wood slice and some hairpin legs, and you can find these things at any building material depot. Of course, you’ll also need some essential tools to help you with assembly. These tools include (a):

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Screws

Once you gather these tools, you’ll take your hairpin legs and secure them to the bottom of your wood slice using your drill and screws. Test your structure to make sure it’s stable, and enjoy!

Handcrafted Plant Stand

To ensure that your potted plant will fit adequately into the structure, you’ll want to measure the radius of it before you start working with the wood pegs that make up the stand. Take two of the wooden pegs and make an “X” shape. You’ll then secure the body using screws. Then, connect the other four pegs to the X’s points, creating your stand’s legs. Once you do this, ensure that your plant fits snugly into the structure and take a moment to appreciate your work.  

Over-the-Stove Spice Shelf

Out of the five easy wood craft ideas for DIY enthusiasts we’ve mentioned, this over-the-stove spice shelf is probably one of the best. This is especially true for those who often find themselves in the kitchen. You’ll need a few wood planks, a hand saw, and a tape measure. Ensure your planks fit over your stove perfectly, then saw off any excess wood.

Then, assemble the lengthwise sides of your shelf and the bottom before securing them with an electric staple nail gun. Afterward, you’ll cut and measure the short ends of the frame to close the structure. And from there, you can place it over your stove and start organizing your oils and spices as you like.

Wooden Headboard

You’ll need a bit more patience for this next project, but it’s still super easy to do and can make a gorgeous addition to any bedroom. All that’s needed are wood planks that are slightly longer than the short end of your mattress. Next, take your planks and arrange them in the shape of a headboard.

Secure them with glue and nails to your structure and nail a wood brace to the back on top and bottom. Lastly, you’ll stain the form with a shade of your choosing, and once it dries, it’ll be ready for its new home in your bedroom.

Floating Rope Shelves

Depending on whether you plan to make multiple shelves, you’ll need one sturdy plank with the appropriate dimensions and durability to hold the items you plan to house on your shelf. You’ll also want to procure some sturdy rope for suspending your shelf. Then, you’ll drill holes in each corner of the plank and thread some rope through them, tying them at the top and creating an aesthetic shelf to place your favorite items.

If you’re a DIYer who’s ready to get into wood crafting, use some of the ideas in this guide to help you get started.