5 DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas for This Summer

5 DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas for This Summer

The outdoor areas of your home are an oasis for you and your family to relax and find comfort in the beauty of nature. So, it’s essential that the furniture and décor of your yard make you feel comfy and at ease. With these five DIY outdoor furniture ideas for this summer, you can make your outdoor space the place to be all season long.

Repurpose an Old Ladder as a Planter

When you find yourself wanting to add more greenery to your yard, consider taking an old ladder and repurposing it as a planter. All you’ll need is a ladder, a few baskets, and some sturdy rope. First, you’ll want to tie the rope through the baskets and hang them from the ladder’s rungs, carefully tying each knot, ensuring they stay in place. Next, lay burlap scraps in the bottom of each basket, and you’re ready to garden!

Construct an End Table With a Built-In Cooler

You can reuse old patio furniture to be an end table with a built-in cooler. This project is much simpler if you can find a table with removable glass, as you can remove the pane and replace it with a waterproof tub that fits into the space. Fill it with ice and your favorite beverages, and you’ve got a stylish, easy-to-clean addition to your patio.

Build and Upholster a Hanging Bench Swing for Your Porch

This project is more of an investment but is still relatively simple to do and worthwhile. If you want to build a hanging bench swing of your own, you’ll need a basic understanding of woodwork, wood, sturdy metal wiring, cushions, staple guns and staples, and fabric. Once your bench is built, drill holes at even intervals around it, string the metal chords through the holes, secure them, and hang the bench from your porch. Next, you’ll want to staple your new upholstery to your cushion, placing it atop your new swing.

Create an Outdoor Cabana Lounge

You can also create a cabana lounge to add a little spice to your favorite outdoor area. This project does require a little woodworking know-how, but it’s relatively simple to do. All you’ll need is some wood, weather-resistant material to go over the roof, and some basic tools for assembling the rooftop and lower deck. Once built, decorate the structure with plush cushions, pillows, and twinkle lights.

Fashion a Wooden Space Divider

Perhaps you have a spacious outdoor area that’s one-dimensional or dull. Crafting a wooden space divider and splitting up the yard is a great way to give an area some variety. All you need to erect your partition is some of your favorite wood, a hammer, and some nails. Then, you can use the fixture to create a unique garden area. You could also grow vines on it for a decorative splash.

Just like every other room of your house, you should furnish your outdoor areas in a way that makes you feel at ease. Hopefully, these five DIY outdoor furniture ideas for this summer will help you make your outdoor spaces memorable.