4 Common Applications for Hog Ring Clips


4 Common Applications for Hog Ring Clips

Hog ring clips are exceptional tools that are virtually everywhere you go. You may not know it, but the upholstery in your car, the chain link fence you walk past daily, and your ottoman are fastened by hog ring clips to hold everything together. Manufacturers, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts alike use hog rings for various purposes. Let’s dive into the four common applications for hog ring clips.


From the ottomans you rest your feet on to the leather on your car seats, pneumatic hog ring pliers bring upholstery together by reliably affixing hog ring clips. Manufacturers use them to attach seat covers to foam cushions. DIYers use them to connect leather pieces. Fastening cloth and leather for high-traffic upholstery is easier with this versatile tool.


We aren’t talking about the sport! Construction workers and manufacturers use hog rings for their mesh material. They link large hog ring clips to create sturdy fences. Hog rings are durable, sturdy, and flexible. They are ideal for fences on construction sites, as they can handle the weight of people or equipment leaning against them. Fencing made with hog rings can take a beating, and this is why people use the materials so often.

Heavy-Duty Packaging

Have you ever received a huge package? You might have noticed large oblong staples on its edges holding the box together. These staples are usually twisted hog rings that hold the thick cardboard together. You can’t use normal staples for this purpose; the durability and strength of the hog rings will hold the two cardboard pieces together without any problem, making sturdy packaging a great application for hog ring clips. You can bet that your heavy-duty packaging will reach its recipients in one piece.

Animal Traps

We hope you won’t need a bear trap anytime soon, but we can’t deny hog ring pliers and clips would do the job if you did! They’re typically used as ‘catches’ in places of tension that ‘spring’ the trap. This simplifies DIY animal traps, which is ideal if you have the right tools from Staple Headquarters. We have all the right tools for your DIY and work-related needs, including hog ring pliers and hog rings you can use for many purposes. Shop Staple Headquarters today!