3 Ways To Refresh Your Backyard for Spring


3 Ways To Refresh Your Backyard for Spring

Spring is the season of warmth, wonder, and new growth opportunities. The breezy, beautiful weather isn’t anything to overlook, either. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to ensure that you can fully enjoy it by refreshing your backyard.

What better way to enjoy this lively season than to spend it in an outdoor oasis of your own devising? Let us help you start a few of our favorite methods for turning your backyard into a place you’ll want to be all season long.

Do a Bit of Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Preparing the interior features of your home for a new season typically involves lots of deep cleaning and space clearing. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that tidying up your outdoor areas is also an effective way to refresh your backyard for spring. Begin by picking things up around your yard.

Perhaps you have a little one who likes to leave their toys outside. Or maybe you’ve put off picking up your gardening tools and putting them back in the shed. Either way, taking some time to tidy your yard is essential. After all, it affords you a clean slate to work with as you start revamping your backyard for the warm weather ahead.

Invite Some Friendly Wildlife

Once you’re satisfied that the yard is clean and clear, it’s time to add new and wonderful things to it. Specifically, consider putting in fixtures that have the potential to attract some friendly wildlife. For instance, if you’re a fan of birdwatching, then you can get hummingbird and seed feeders. Alternatively, you can craft your own feeders using repurposed supplies like wood scraps, wine bottles, and wires.

Then, you can use fastening tools like staple guns and staples to ensure that you can enjoy a stable structure all season long. Of course, if you’re more a fan of butterflies, you could plant flowers that naturally draw them to your yard. Doing this will help you turn your backyard into a vibrant oasis of foliage, flora, and natural beauty. Plus, flowers will also bring in pollinators like bumblebees, which will only help your garden flourish throughout spring.

Update or Add to Your Landscaping

We can’t possibly discuss ways to refresh your backyard for spring without touching on how essential it is to revamp your landscaping! Begin by deciding which aspects of your landscaping need a bit of sprucing up but that you’d ultimately like to keep. If your flower beds could use a bit of weeding, then do that.

Next, plant some new flowers or herbs to fill your garden. Evaluate the available space in your yard, and determine whether you can do anything to breathe new life into those areas. Then, start preparing for those projects.

For instance, maybe that barren corner would make a perfect spot for the veggie planter you’re building. Or maybe you could use some of that flagstone in the garage to create a gorgeous path to the koi pond you’ve been thinking of installing. In any case, revamping your landscape and looking for opportunities to improve your yard is a surefire way to welcome spring and enjoy your outdoor spaces all season long.