3 Tips for Making a DIY Trellis With Scrap Materials


3 Tips for Making a DIY Trellis With Scrap Materials

Making a trellis is an awesome DIY project. A wall filled with climbing vines almost makes you recall fairy tales and cozy cottages. Of course, we don’t live in a fairy tale; these seemingly whimsical vines can cause havoc against your house’s siding. Creating a DIY trellis is an excellent way to protect your home against creeping vines without removing them. Amazingly, you can craft a multi-purpose trellis in an eco-friendly way by recycling scrap material. Learn tips for making a DIY trellis with scrap materials below.

Figure Out the Purpose

Why are you making your trellis? The purpose of the trellis will largely determine its shape, size, and even how much material you will use. As mentioned above, you can use the trellis to keep vines from creeping us the side of your house. However, you can also use a trellis to create a private enclosure that neighbors can’t see. Perhaps you want to make a private area where you can sit and entertain guests. Many people also rely on a trellis to support their growing vegetables. Regardless, before you start crafting, you need to determine the purpose of your trellis.

Assemble Your Tools

We also recommend that you assemble your tools. Obviously, you’ll need to assemble your scrap material for the netting and the frame. You must also get an electric staple gun and some staples so that you can fasten materials together properly. Plastic or metal trellis netting is also important; this part is likely where your scrap metal comes in if you have any. Measuring tape will help you measure the structure, and wooden stakes will help you secure it to the ground. Assembling your materials and tools beforehand is a crucial tip for making a DIY trellis with scrap materials, as you want to ensure you have everything you need before starting.

Location, Location

The purpose of your trellis will inform its location in the grand scheme of things, but the location will determine the trellis’s structure. If you’re placing your trellis on one side of the house, you will likely want to set it vertically. However, if it’s in an open space, whether as a way to shelter or provide your veggies with a place to grow, it can be any shape! You can build your trellis in many ways, but these tips will help orient you toward success.