3 Tips for Choosing the Right Framing Nailer


3 Tips for Choosing the Right Framing Nailer

Choosing the right nail gun for your next project can be a challenge. People typically use framing nailers for larger projects where they’re working on structures like decks, fences, and roofs. Because of the various situations in which people employ them, there are many types. Since there are so many on the market, how can you be sure which one is perfect for your needs? Check out our tips for choosing the right framing nailer here.

Pick Between Stick or Coil Style

Both of these kinds of guns hold a magazine to store nails. However, coil-style nailers are capable of storing more nails than stick-style ones. If you’re using many nails—like somewhere in the hundreds—you might want to use a coil-style nailer to work for longer periods without stopping to replenish the magazine. This will save you a ton of time in the long run. You can probably get away with using a stick style if you know you’ll use fewer than 50 nails.

Customize the Nailer

This is one of the best tips for choosing the right framing nailer for your needs. You can find ones with adjustable depths. This feature controls how deep nails can get, which is important because you don’t want to maim your wood. Protective guards are also useful. They prevent you from having to deal with debris in your eyes or splinters from your nail gun flying off and getting stuck in your hands. Finally, swiveling air connectors are excellent for detangling your cord if it happens to get tangled during your project.

Decide on a Pneumatic or Cordless Nailer

Most electric framing nailers are pneumatic. This means they draw their power from an air compressor. You can also get your nailer fuel and battery powered. If you’re only using it occasionally for big projects like fencing and decking, you might want to consider a cordless nailer instead. If you’re going to use it daily, pneumatic is a preferable option.

In short, this information should help you get the right framing nailer for you. The options are staggering. However, you can quickly narrow them down using the guidelines above. If you’re interested in getting quality tools, check out our selection at Staple Headquarters! We offer tools for all your needs!