3 Surprising Uses for a Staple Gun at Home


3 Surprising Uses for a Staple Gun at Home

You need the proper tools if you’re doing a home improvement project, and one of those tools is likely going to be a staple gun. If you just recently came back home from your local Home Depot with a staple gun, you’re probably looking for projects you can use it on. Luckily, we got you covered. Find out our top three surprising uses for a staple gun at home here!

Assembling Upholstery

Working with upholstery is a great hobby—and a lucrative one at that. Staple guns can help this endeavor by perfectly binding fabrics together or to various frames. The staples from staple guns are generally heavy duty, so you can expect them and the projects they secure to be durable. They fasten fabric securely so it doesn’t rip or tear.

You can use staple guns for upholstery projects involving foam, leather, fabric, or wood. You can even get some staple guns that insert nails in tandem with staples!

Securing Carpet or Panels

Staple guns are also great tools for recarpeting your floor. With a staple gun, you can secure carpet to not only your floor but also your walls! Plus, if you want to fasten wood panels to the floor or a wall, you can. You’ll just want to use an electric or air staple gun to do the job properly.

Building a Trellis

You may think staple guns are only useful for indoor home improvement projects, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re especially useful for building trellises, which gives plants something to lean on as they grow. With a trellis, you can decide what aesthetic placement of your flowers you want as they grow, leading to a beautiful garden curated perfectly to your taste.

If you’re interested in picking up a staple gun or other tools for DIY projects, check out what we offer at SALCO Staple Headquarters. We have everything you need to get started so you can experiment with more surprising ways you can use staple guns at home.