3 Situations To Use a Staple Gun on Drywall


3 Situations To Use a Staple Gun on Drywall

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you know how good it feels to get a new tool. There’s nothing better than having a staple gun, hammer tacker, or even new measuring tape. You need to know how and in what situation to use your newfound tool. This is especially true of a staple gun. Learn more about our top three situations to use a staple gun on drywall below.  

Stapling Items on Drywalls

This is one of the simplest applications of staple guns, but it’s easy to overlook it. When you want to attach items to drywall, you can use a staple gun quickly and easily. However, you should only staple items that don’t weigh too much. Otherwise, they could fall on the floor and potentially break. But if you want to attach signs or posters, staple away! It’s safe to do this.

Organizing Zip Ties

You can use staple guns when organizing cords and electrical wires with zip ties. Zip ties do a great job of keeping them from sight on the drywall while still making them easily accessible. You never know—you might need to move them at some point. This is a key situation where you’ll want to use a staple gun on drywall.

Fixing the Angle Beads

It’s possible to use staple guns and angle beads on drywall corners. You need to secure them. Ensure you do this before you apply mud or joint compound. Angle beads are important since they prevent cracking along the walls and weak points and support the edge corner of the walls. This makes it so that weak points around the corners—which, in this case, is likely where the drywall meets—don’t crack. You use your staple gun to attach these beads. Just ensure you don’t attach the staples too deeply to the sheetrock. This could affect its performance when they’re in hallways and doorways and cause damage.

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