3 Reasons Staples Are Better Than Tape

Wednesday June 16 2021


3 Reasons Staples Are Better Than Tape

When shipping a package, you must guarantee its security throughout its entire journey. Your box’s seals much have the durability to keep everything inside from spilling out and must be safe enough to prevent tampering from outside forces. There are several methods you can use to protect your packaging; the simplest option is to apply tape, but the reasons staples are better than tape are numerous and something you need to consider when thinking of security.

Holds Up During Bad Weather

Staples are far more durable than tape, holding up under stressful conditions longer and maintaining the seal better. Whereas tape can easily deteriorate and lose its adhesive properties, staples will outlast even the packaging material itself. Whether the conditions are cold, hot, or wet, staples will retain their strength even when tape falls apart.

Does Not Obstruct Package Design

A lot of thought and consideration goes into the design of your product packaging, and you want it to be as recognizable as possible. When sealing it with tape, you cover up some of that design and lose some of the desired effect. Staples can preserve the look of your packaging due to their small size and will not intrude or distort the design.

Prevent Tampering

Security is among the top priorities of package design, and you need to give it appropriate consideration. While tape is the cheaper option, staples provide a much more tamper-resistant and safe package. In many instances, the use of power fastening tools attaches the staples so securely that it requires specialized tools to undo the seal, adding to the safety of the product inside.

Anti-Theft Measures

Potential thieves can easily pull back the tape and open a package, and because of its design, they can seal it back up before anyone notices. With staples, any sort of attempt to open it will be immediately apparent due to the physical signs of removal.

Don’t Neglect Your Package Security

You need to give an equal amount of attention to your package security as you do its design. The reasons why staples are better than tape not only benefit consumers but also protect your products from theft before they arrive on store shelves.