3 Inexpensive Ways To Make Professional-Looking Booklets


3 Inexpensive Ways To Make Professional-Looking Booklets

You might need to create a professional booklet for several reasons. You could do so to advertise or provide a white paper for your business. If you have one, it could contain information for your company, or you could do it for some artistic reason. Regardless, it’ll need to look professional. So, what are a few inexpensive ways to make a professional-looking booklet? Read on below.

Find the Right Software

The right software can make all the difference when creating a booklet. Microsoft Word or Google Sheets will work fine if you want to go the free route. However, there are a ton of other inexpensive software out here, like Canva, that allows you to make striking booklets for only a few dollars a month. Many other forms of software allow you to print out and use it when it’s time to staple your booklet binding.

Use High-Quality Paper

If you want your booklet to look professional, your paper must be of high quality. You shouldn’t use flimsy, easily torn paper; instead, use high-quality, thick paper. This is especially important for the cover of the booklet. While your choice ultimately comes down to personal preference, most professional booklets feature glossy covers and matte pages. You could also use paper with raised lettering and create fonts with different effects. You can get high-quality paper for a relatively affordable price, so this is one of the most inexpensive ways to make professional-looking booklets.

Be Consistent With Your Design Elements

Mashing many loud disparate elements in one booklet is a terrible mistake. Make sure you only have one- or two-color schemes—and ensure they’re complementary. You can check a color design wheel to tell you which colors are complementary, which would most likely clash, and which would look aesthetically unpleasing together.

Finally, typography is important. In general, unless your brand calls for something else, you should work with clean, sleek, professional fonts. Again, sources like Google Fonts are perfect for this—and they’re completely free.

You don’t just need software and design principles to make a booklet; you need hardware as well. We have a ton of staplers and other products that are perfect for whatever project you’re working on. Shop Staple Headquarters today!