Bostitch SC7-B pneumatic hog ring gun. Uses 3/4" ring 15 GA



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Bostitch SC7-B pneumatic hog ring gun. Similar to Salco SC7-15. For large bag closure, fencing, car/boat seat upholstery, bedding, etc. Uses RING15 3/4" OD C-ring 15 ga. Closes to 5/16" - 27/64" ID. Sharp and Blunt Tip Rings available. Galvanized and Stainless Steel
The Salco SC7 is available in two nose lengths to suit various application requirements. The Bostitch SC7-B and Salco SC7-15 have 1" noses while the Salco SC7E-15 has a 1-7/8-inch long nose. 

SC7-B Applications:

  • Large bag closure: concrete/powder, etc. bag liner closure
  • Fencing
  • Car and boat seats upholstery
  • Securing strands or light strings to cabling
  • Securing strain cabling
  • Mesh poultry, fruit, vegetable bags
  • Mesh poultry, fruit, vegetable bags
  • Oil and fluid absorption socks
  • Securing netting in various applications
  • Standard C-ring tools for most seat applications
  • Heat and sound insulation (with sharp points and 15-gauge stainless steel C rings)
  • Loop forming: rope, bungee, wire/netting
  • Bedding: flange to spring

SC7-B Specifications:

Weight 2.8 lbs, 1.27 kilos
Hog ring load 125
Staples   RING 15100B, 15100P, 15G100B, 15G100P, 15100B, 15SS100B
Closure size i.d. min-max
5/16"-27/64", (7.9-10.7mm)

 H- Bungee cord end secured with a C-ring
 J- Cargo netting to rope connected with a C-ring

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