3/4-inch hog ring staples 15 Ga, Sharp. Galv. 10,000/box. KHF brand.



Item Number: K15G100

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3/4-inch hog ring staples. C type, 15 ga, Sharp. Galvanized. 10,000/box. 3/4-inch open size; 3/16-inch min closing size.

KHF brand, made in USA. Similar to Stanley Spenax RING15G100.


Large bag closure: concrete/powder, etc. bag liner closure; Fencing; Car and boat seats upholstery; Heat and sound insulation (with sharp points and 15-gauge stainless steel C rings); Loop forming: rope, bungee, wire/netting; Bedding: flange to spring.


Bostitch SC7, SC7C, SC77XE , SC4LWH;
 H- Bungee cord end secured with a C-ring
 J- Cargo netting to rope connected with a C-ring